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Odete Martins Bigote


Our life experiences have taught us that we all come to earth with an ego. Fear, hate, anger, guilt, separation, false love are some of the
components of our ego thought system.

Does the ego have a purpose? The answer is, of course, yes! But the ego’s purpose is twofold: one seems to be more visible, and we think it is easy to handle, and to understand, the other is the opposite.

For something to be visible, easy to handle, and to understand, it must be above all, something we are familiar with. Something our mind has been trained to accept at first sight. Consequently, some of the most visible purposes of the ego are to make us feel different, separate and, above all, to make us suffer, to feel pain and anger.


The events that terrorized America, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, present us with a great opportunity to answer this question. The two towers that were destroyed in New York City symbolize the great power and tremendous strength of the peoples of the world, not the least of which are the American people. They were named “twin towers.” The word “twin” suggests equality, connectedness, and interrelatedness. The site was named World Trade Center. It could have been named, for instance, American Plaza, or New York Square.
But is was not because the name had to encompass the whole earth, the whole globe. Furthermore, the word “trade,” means to exchange commodities, and also mutual communication.


Let’s examine some of the events, and the role cellular phones play in modern life.
Allow me to quote part of a message left on a telephone answering machine by one of the heroes. His message was a quiet and peaceful good-bye to his family, including his mother. His last sentence was: “… and have a good life.”

As you read this sentence, you may cry. But let that be a cry of thanks, as you acknowledge receiving energies of love, courage, strength and, above all, a new form of understanding how the universe works, or better yet, how you can make the universe work. YOU GIVE AND YOU RECEIVE. YOU RECEIVE AND YOU GIVE.

Was the ego in charge of this man’s thoughts? Absolutely not. Had his message come from his ego thought system, it could have been something like this: ” Mom, Mom. I’m going to die. I do not want to go yet. I’m afraid. I’m afraid…”

What happens when you allow the ego to get out of the way? Your Higher Self (A Higher Intelligence) takes over. You are not separate from your Higher Self, neither are you alone: this is a fact, whether you believe it or not. This is science and spirituality which has nothing to do with religion. Your Higher Self lets you release fear, hate, anger, guilt, etc., and reverses them to true love, hope, courage and, above all, a new understanding of who you are, and why you are here now. This is what is conveyed in this message, as well as other messages given by some of the heroes before they disposed of their bodies. This was the exchange of commodities, and mutual communication. A part of your thought system gives you fear, hate, guilt, etc., the other reverses them.

Thoughts are sent to you to see how you handle them. The choice is yours. You have free will. Thoughts, like words, are not neutral: they have consequences. Your actions come from your thoughts. Hate, for instance, may lead to killing. If you want to stop killing, you have to let go of hate. No one can do this for you, but yourself.

There was a tremendous amount of energy of love and courage pouring on earth before, during, and after the events of September 11. The thousands of people that gave their lives on the airplanes, the Pentagon and World Trade Center were the means for this communication. They chose, collectively, to do so, not at a conscious level, of course, but at a level that only they can understand now. The event was carefully planned even before the World Trade Center was built. It was planned in a “center.” The Compact Edition of the
Oxford English Dictionary (1971), explains that a center is “a point to which things tend to be attracted to.” It also explains that a center “belongs to the party that holds a position midway between the two extremes.” Here was the stage chosen for the extremes of our ego thought system to be reversed.

More attacks on “centers” were planned, but some did not materialize, at least for the time being. I’m referring to the airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. No one really knows where it was heading to. But we know that it was the cellular phones in the passengers’ hands that saved many lives. One passenger called his wife to let her know that the airplane had been hijacked, only to find out that the World Trade Center had already been hit. So, he chose to fight the hijackers. He called her again to say good-bye, and asked her to take good care of their children. He also said he knew he would not survive the ordeal. He was calm. He was courageous. He, too, sent us the energy of love and courage. But, above all, he showed us that attack/defense can be loving. Now, we know that there was a terrible fight on that airplane
before it crashed. Everyone on board perished. But we will never know how many lives were saved on land.

This is the beginning of the unfolding of the events that will change our way of thinking. These are part of the predictions for the beginning of the millennium.


How can we raise above the battle, transcend it, and become aware of the flow of energies that are beneficial to us? Listen! Just listen! Everyone must listen: a soldier, a carpenter, a housewife, a minister, a senator, a fire fighter, a policeman etc.

There are messages all around you and, above all, within you. Your short life on earth has been meticulously planned so that you learn to listen. The two men that used their cellular phones to call their families to say good-bye are just a small example of the many messages we are constantly receiving. They listened too.


We are all twins floating in a womb called the universe.

Buddha, who lived about 500 years before Christ, is believed to have said:
One may conquer in battle a thousand times
a thousand men, yet he is the best of conquerors
who conquers himself.

Time has come for all individuals to conquer themselves. Allow yourself to put down the weapons your ego sends you. Such weapons are called fear, hate, anger, guilt, separation, etc. Stop attacking yourself NOW. Let go of the past. Since the past has gone, and you know nothing about the future, the only time there is, is NOW. Use your time constructively. Allow the energies of true love, courage and understanding to envelope you.

This is not difficult. But, you must choose to listen. Then, the remembrance of true love will follow.

Article written by
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright 2001

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