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Odete Martins Bigote

There are many ways you can “touch” somebody. How does your “touching” others affect you?

In my April 2001 article, entitled “Touching Part l,” I referred to someone who was able to help her mother achieve a partial recovery from a very severe Alzheimer’s condition. She did this mainly by writing her mother’s memories. Then, there was a communication beyond space and time between the mother and daughter which lead to partial healing. Since then, a few events have happened.

The whole family decided to give their mother a party at the nursing home. It was a real party. They read her memories. They made her listen to the music of her era. They sang, and she sang too. They kissed her and she kissed them too. They patted her and she smiled and cried. They were all living in the “now.” The hurts and fears were not remembered. Neither were the worries of the future. Only “Now” existed. And so their mother, who had been paralyzed, and speechless, and blind, continued to change. She was able to touch, to feel, and to say some words.

The whole family was happy and excited. When the party was over their enthusiasm continued. They did not want to leave the nursing home. How did they feel next day?

The daughters that had worked so hard to help their mother, and other family members, went into the greatest depression you can imagine. They could not understand what was happening. They conclude that they felt “down” after being so “high” at their mother’s party. And I concluded that they had an enormous ego attack.

What is “ego”? The ego is that part of you that loves to harass you. It does not want you to be happy and or at peace. It does not want you to live in the “now” and remember true love. It wants you to constantly worry about your past and above all, the future. It wants you to feel guilty. It does not want you to learn how to handle your emotions. It does not want you to listen to your inner voice that speaks for joy, true love, and forgiveness. The ego does not want you to remember who you really are, and that you can be at peace, even for an instant. In short, the ego is your saboteur.

But most of us do not know this. In fact, most of us are not aware of the influence of the saboteur in our lives.

I call the saboteur “our thought spinner.” Without this “thought spinner” there would be no need for the universe as we know it here, on earth. Living in joy, peace and love all the time while we are on earth is impossible. If we were always in a permanent state of joy, peace, harmony, etc., we would not need our bodies. Those of us who have read modern science know that constancy is not of this world. Everything is implicated in the other, so says American physicist David Bohm. The good, the bad and the ugly thoughts are always parading in our mind; and so are the thoughts of Heaven and hell. An event that happened in our lives decades ago, and was forgotten, or buried in our thoughts, suddenly pops up and we realize we are still in pain. Yes, pain can be buried, denied, hidden until we decided it is time to let go of it. You do not have to have a Ph.D. in modern physics to understand life. But you need to see the world as a stage, with you playing the role of a great actor/actress.

How do actors prepare themselves for their roles? They study their scripts intensively. You may not have a script in front of you but you know, by now, what the ego’s script looks like. Every time you have an uncomfortable thought; stop!

Whether you believe in God or not, you must realize that you can get help from within yourself. Ego’s thoughts do not have power over you unless you give them power. They are not your real thoughts. Ego thoughts are not eternal. There is within you a thought system ready to help you right now, if you decide to choose another road.

When my friends felt depressed after giving their mother a party at the nursing home, they did absolutely nothing to stop the ego. They did not know it was their saboteur trying to destroy their joy, and the wonder of what they had accomplished. The depression went on for some time.

How do you stop your ego? 1. Recognize what your uncomfortable thoughts are trying to do to you. 2. Say to yourself; YOU’VE NO POWER OVER ME! 3. Bring the awareness to your heart. Believe it or not, you do have a heart! 4. Immediately, and in accordance with your believes, give those uncomfortable thoughts to God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or Higher Self or Higher Intelligence. By doing this you open a new liberating road for the release of your stress.

In this world, we work with both forces of light (a metaphor for true love, joy, peace, etc.), and forces of darkness (a metaphor for guilt, pain, stress, fear, anger, etc.), It is a continual flux of energy: this is the thought spinner I referred to. The ego plays a major role here. We cannot get rid of the ego, at this time in human history, but we can learn to recognize what is stands for and learn how to handle it.

When my friends were attending the party at the nursing home, they were living in the “now.” Only thoughts of joy were shared by all of them. They were in a state of euphoria; high, without taking drugs. We can say that they were listening to the voice that helped them remember true love and light. This remembrance led to forgiveness and to healing without any effort on their part. This remembrance was achieved at a non-local level, therefore beyond space and time, and beyond their awareness and comprehension.

Next day, their thoughts brought them back to darkness: fear, anger, stress. They chose to face the other side of life here on earth. Back to their jobs, apartments, conflicts, etc., Back to their ego thoughts. Everywhere you go, your mind goes with you. You can be at the beach, or anywhere else, in the most comfortable environment, and your ego thoughts will be with you… The choice is always yours. You’ve free will.

This is the dance of life. Forces of darkness dancing around the forces of light. And why? All because we forgot who we are and now it is necessary to remember. The Greek philosopher, Plato, in the Republic, Book X (620), refers to each soul, passing “without looking back under the Throne of Necessity.” Afterwards they went to the river of Oblivion and “every men as he drinks forgets everything.”

We all forgot who we are; “touching” can help us remember. When you “touch” someone, you do not “touch” alone, and you also “touch” yourself. How do you handle that “touching” depends on your will to live in darkness or in the light, even for an instant.

Article written by
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright June 2001

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