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Odete Martins Bigote

Do you know that there is a computer, still in the early stages of development, that will change the way we think?

In the near future, anyone who owns this computer can place it, for instance, near a politician making a very convincing speech, or next to a wife, husband or partner who is trying to express his/her love and sincerity… And what will the computer do? It will display on the screen the truth about that person. In other words, the computer will take the mask off any individual that is not being honest and or truthful. This computer is not like a lie detector test. It is a much more sophisticated machine. It can work both pro and against anyone. For instance, in the case of a person who is innocent but wants to cover up for someone else. This individual falsely testifies that he has committed a crime. Immediately the computer will say that he/she is innocent.

All of us build our own masks to suit our needs while we are on earth living in the illusion of space and time. Some of us, however go to extremes. History is full of examples. There are all kinds of masks, as there are of people. One great example is Hitler. He had no formal education. He was born in Austria, and moved to Germany where he became a corporal in the army. He covered himself with such powerful masks that he was able to seduce, so to speak, the German people. He became their leader, and later one of the most horrible men history has ever seen. He made very convincing speeches, used influential words and had great charm. He was able to switch masks to cover his true self whenever he wanted.

One day, while watching thousands of people parading in front of him, a woman placed a child on Hitler’s arms. The child was about 3 or 4 years old. She was beautiful. She had long blond hair and was wearing a light blue satin dress. She smiled. Her blue eyes shined. While Hitler held her, he showed her to the crowd. The crowd got all excited and applauded with their famous “Heil Hitler” salute. Hitler kissed the child and praised all little girls as wonderful!

Some time before or after this event, Hitler visited the horrible gas chambers, where millions of people had been sent to die. They had just finished a job in one of the chambers. Hundreds of bodies were piled on the top of each other; men, women, children, and of course, beautiful blond little girls. All had suffocated to death. He looked through the key hole and with a sarcastic smile, walked away.

Which was the true Hitler? The one who kissed the little girl, or the one who walked away with a sarcastic smile? If the German people had this computer available over 50 years ago, would they still have voted for him and kept him in power? Do you think that if the economy was good, Hitler would still be in power today in spite of what the computer would say? What would the computer display on the screen? May be words like cynic, lier, cheat or even assassin, although there is no proof that he killed anyone himself.

Let’s look at facts. I’m writing about masks and computers. It is a fantastic process the way we think we educate ourselves by allowing our false ego to build all kinds of masks around our True Self. Was Hitler evil? For some he was, for others he was not. As a matter of fact some people used to think that without Hitler there would be no Germany…Yes, computers may help us to remove the masks we all cover ourselves with. Perhaps Gandhi would not have been assassinated. Perhaps Joan of Arc would not have been burned to death. Perhaps we’ll become more honest to ourselves and to others. Perhaps we’ll remember that our True Self has no mask, and that there is a real computer within all of us: the hologram. This inner computer can help us remember that we choose to cover ourselves temporarily with masks to pretend that we are what we really are not. We are afraid to show the world our True Self because it is so pure, so beautiful, and so beyond words. We’ve allowed the false ego to teach ourselves to be afraid of the Truth. Our inner computer, has all the energy and the potential to help us uncover our masks but we find it very hard to follow the guidance that comes from within us. And so we keep building computers outside of us, and carry them anywhere we go, choosing to forget the computer within us. Hitler knew how to handle his masks in accordance with his needs in space and time. Some people say he was insane. Perhaps we are all insane. We all carry our masks. The whole world is a masquerade party. We are in a constant feast here, sometimes a very painful feast.

Hitler often masquerade himself as evil. He came to earth to destroy many lives. In the end he destroyed himself. Was there a need for this? Our false ego thinks so, to the point of convincing us to join the masquerade party. Is the idea of this computer new? Of course not. I’ve already referred to our inner computer that gives us all the information we need but we refuse to listen. We keep repeating our mistakes. There will be more Hitlers as long as we keep building more computers to carry around with us, forgetting the real computer that exists in everyone’s mind.

Article written by
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright 2001

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