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Albert Einstein must be turning in his grave,
Odete Martins Bigote

Is there anything new under the sun? Those of us in the spiritual quest know that there isn’t. Indeed, we are learning by repetition to remember what we forgot: we are all part of something beyond words, unlimited, indivisible and instantaneous.

Plato, the Greek philosopher who lived 400 years before Christ, wrote, ” there is no such thing as teaching, only remembering. We have learned everything there is to learn, the more we seek to learn, the more we must realize that seeking and learning is all remembrance.” (Meno,79C-81A).

Where does learning come from and why do we forget? In my spiritual quest, I have learned that we are not separate from “something” which may be called a unified source of light, and some of us call: God. I also learned why we choose to forget about our true identity, and come to earth and invent symbols to help us remember.

Recently, Dr.Wang, of NEC Research Institute, Princeton, New Jersey, concluded that light arrives at its destination almost before it initiates its journey. Light seems to exist in two places at the same time, and space and time do not matter. Light, then, could carry information and cause does not seem to come after the effect. This research disrupts Einstein’s work which specifies that the speed of light (186.000 miles per second), cannot be broken. Yet, Dr. Wang was able to transmit a pulse of light at a speed 300 times faster than light. This is cause for excitement; it helps us realize that on earth we are surrounded by nothing but symbols and metaphors that help us remember that we are part of a “Reality” for which space and time do not matter. That “Reality” is everywhere, therefore within us, and not just in “two places”. That “Reality” knows all there is to know; IT is simultaneous, therefore we never separated from IT; cause and effect are not separate.

We know, deep down in our hearts, that Father/Mother (our cause) and Son/Daughter (the effect) are always together in spirit, in spite of the fact that we perceive them as separate in physical form. Scientists work with propositions to be proved later. They also work with uncertainties. The purpose of science is not to prove the existence of a Higher Self for that does not need to be proven: it is continuously experienced. The purpose of science is to make our experiences seem less absurd. Indeed, all symbols and metaphors produce memory and lead to remembrance.

We know that scientists work with particles of light called photons. Photons are a symbol of unified light. Is it possible that Dr. Wang could be working with “something else” and not “light”? We can rest assured that other symbols will be invented soon and will take us back to our circle of learning. We are being taught to remember, again and again, our real identity: space and time do not exist, we know all there is to know, we choose to forget. This may seem hard to believe but if you think deeply it is not. Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts (15th century) describing flying machines, launching of bombs, and scientific diagrams were considered an absurd at that time. Was he more intelligent than us? No. He contacted the part of his mind where knowledge is stored. Plato did the same but as a philosopher. Bernadette, the young Frenchwoman who had mystic encounters with a beautiful lady in Lourdes, France, discovered inner peace. She later became known as a “saint”. You can do it too. Reflect on the following quote from Ecclesiastes chapter 1, verse 8 ” The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Within you is all the knowledge there is. Within you is all the Love and Light there is. You just forgot, now you’ve to remember.

Article written by
Odete Martins Bigote
Copyright, October 2000.

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